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  • User selects a book to resume and selects Open.
    (warning) Note: The interaction for opening multiple books has not been finalized.

Maximize and Minimize

Drag and Drop

Batch Export

See Batch Export

Wireframe (Old - to be replaced)

Image Removed Image Removed Image Removed Image Removed
Image 1: User's initial view.
Image 2: User about to start a new book.
Image 3: User finished editing new book, it appears in the list (assuming they saved it to the same directory location.
Image 4: User selects a file to resume.

  • The welcome screen has two collapsible panels.
  • Collapsed state is saved throughout user's session.
  • Year field has logic to prevent users from entering invalid date (i.e. letters).

Saved Books panel

  • Displays the Decapod book metadata for each file found in the "Project Location" directory.
  • User can change the location by pressing the "Change" button. This will reveal a standard OS directory chooser window.
  • User can select multiple books to open, export, or delete.
  • Exported TIFFs and PDFs should not appear in the Saved Books panel. Only Decapod book projects appear here.
  • Wiki Markup
    Note: The Saved Books panel should reference the same location as Open and Save dialogs \[see [Menu Bar].


  • This image shows what happens when there are many Decapod books in a specified Projects directory.
  • The Saved Books panel expands downward as far as possible in the client's window, and displays a vertical scrollbar if necessary.
  • If metadata is long horizontally, then each individual metadata field should be truncated with an ellipsis rather than have a horizontal scrollbar.