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  • Current list navigator widget in Sakai sometimes defaults to #'s that don't make sense.  It's used in may contexts and even in the same context, say list of assignments, the defaults needs to vary depending on the number of students and/or assignments in the class.  Best case is to have the system remember the user's last setting from session to session.
  • Navigation in tool workflow bewildering - how to get back to beginning? - breadcrumbs used inconsistently
  • Acting on multiple items in a list is a problem 

In-line file viewer (Priority 2b / Applicable all)

Component Ideas

  • PDF Viewer - view pdfs in-line (as image) rather than forcing adobe to open
  • File Viewer
  • Resource / File Viewer
  • In-line content display

Pain Points

  • PDF is link in syllabus, resources, etc.  It should be displayed in-line. (How does this relate to the Resources viewer?)
  • Does not allow direct insertion of the file content into topic area, just provides linking

Content Previewer - while I'm authoring (Priority 2b / Applicable all)

Group Breakout - fleshing out problem space