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Table of Contents

Getting Started

Please Don't panic! Please read through this page first, it has many answers! :)


  • Reach us on IRC or the mailing list
  • Read the "How to get started" for the project you're interested in
  • Please be respectful of mentors and all others
  • Please don't expect immediate responses, we'll do our best to reply quickly

Where and how to contact us


We encourage open and transparent communication within our community. With that in mind, please contact us in the #fluid-work channel and on the mailing list. As mentors have a number of other responsibilities, it may take us some time to reply. Please allow mentors the opportunity to get back to you in their own time. Please also try to keep questions specific to a particular project. We expect that GSoC applicants communicate with respect for everyone.

Read about Inclusion

It is important to read and understand Inclusion in the Fluid Community. We follow this set of values that promotes inclusion, cooperation, mutual respect, openness and the sharing of ideas. We expect students to be helpful and supportive and to openly communicate their work process in a manner that aligns with our values.