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3 feels nicer, and Kettle already has a scheme for sending "typed" messages. It should not complicate client implementations significantly, and would produce better feedback in interactive clients / client under development. The question then becomes what are straightforward choices for message type names? So far, I have used "initial", "changedPost-FLUID-6504 the model binding WebSocket connection emits three types of messages, "initModel", "modelChanged", and "error" as the possible types used by the server. I would be most comfortable with stealing some well-used type names from elsewhere.

Allow binding to non-existent components

Currently opening a model binding to a path where there is no component crashes the Nexus server. This is undesirably brittle. We may simply want to reject the connection, but it would be more faithful to the model relay paradigm of Infusion to allow such model bindings to lay dormant until a component does exist at that path, and then begin working in the normal manner. Post-FLUID-6504 we reject such connection attempts. This issue is being tracked as FLUID-65046543.

Allow binding to a component's complete model (DONE)