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We'll use the <script> tag to link to the Infusion library:

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<!-- The Infusion Library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="InfusionAll.js"></script>

Note that the InfusionAll.js (or MyInfusion.js) file is a concatenation of all of the JavaScript files, and will be minified (i.e. all of the whitespace removed) if you've downloaded the minified version. If so, it might be difficult to debug with. If you're using the source distribution and you want to be able to debug the code, you might want to include each of the required files individually. To do this: Instead of including InfusionAll.js (or MyInfusion.js) you would include the following files:

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UI Options Dependencies
UI Options Dependencies

But remember that all of these individual files are not necessary to make it work - the InfusionAll.js file has everything you need.