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References: User Testing Protocol

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Greeting script

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Infusion13:User Testing Greeting Script
Infusion13:User Testing Greeting Script

User Testing Demographic Questionnaire




Wiki Markup
We're going to ask you to do a bit of role playing here.  For these tasks, we'd like you to imagine you are taking a Nutrition class this semester and your instructor has asked you to post pictures of your favorite fruit and vegetables from folders on your desktop to an online space we'll take you to in just a moment. \[\]




Task 1

Please choose an image of your favorite fruit from the "Fruit" folder on your desktop and put it onto the image gallery web page.

Task 2

Now choose images of your 5 favorite vegetables from the "Vegetable" folder on your desktop and put them onto the image gallery web page.

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Task 3

Now, please put all the images of fruit from the "Fruit" folder onto the image gallery web page.  [fluid:There should be an error message saying that some of the files have already been uploaded and asking if they should be replaced or if the action should be canceled (I'm guessing that's what happens...)]  What would you do now?


Task 4

***This is a placeholder for a task that gives the user an error message and an opportunity to cancel or retry.  We need to determine if we can complete development to make this happen.  The retry isn't implemented yet.  You can see the retry in storyboards (

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Task 5

Now put all the images from the "Misc." folder on the desktop onto the image gallery web page.  [fluid:As soon as they start the upload, tell them...]  Actually, that was not the folder you meant to upload from/not the images you meant to upload. What would you do to stop this particular task and move onto another?


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Task 6

Your last task is to put the images for three herbs and meats of your choice onto the image gallery web page. [fluid:Want to see if they user the "add more" to select from multiple folders]


fluid:Post-test Questionnaire

Have the user fill this out on their own before asking them the post-test questions below.