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h1. fluid.find(list, fn, deflt)

Scans through a list of objects, terminating on and returning the first member which matches a predicate function.

fluid.find(list, fn, deflt);

*File name:* {{Fluid.js}}

h2. Parameters

|*{{listsource}}*| (Arrayable \| Object) The list or hash of objects to be searched. |
|*{{fn}}*| (Function) A predicate function, acting on a list member. A predicate which returns any value which is not {{null}} or {{undefined}} will terminate the search. The function has the signature (object, index). |
|*{{deflt}}*| (Object) (optional) A value to be returned in the case no predicate function matches a list member. The default will be the natural value of {{undefined}} |

h2. Return Value
|*Object*| the first object in the list that matches the predicate function, or {{deflt}} if nothing does |



h3. See Also


h3. Example
var findColIndex = function (item, layout) {
    return fluid.find(layout.columns,
                      function (column, colIndex) {
                          return item === column.container? colIndex : undefined;
The function {{findColIndex}} uses {{fluid.find}} to examine a list of columns. The anonymous function being passed as the second argument compares each column's {{container}} property against the desired {{item}} and returns the index of the column if it matches. {{fluid.find}} will apply this function to each item in the column list and return the first column that matches.