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Currently, Kettle is built on top of the Java Virtual Machine using Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript engine. In order to use features of Infusion and jQuery unmodified, we also use John Resig's Env.js browser compatibility environment. Kettle conforms to the JSGI spec for server-side JavaScript containers. Needless to say, Infusion is used throughout.Moving forward, Kettle will be ported to Node.js, an a event-based Web server , asynchronous platform built using Google's V8 JavaScript engine. Node's APIs are also sufficient enough to replace the handful of jQuery APIs used on the server (e.g. $.ajax()) with implementations that are not browser-encumbered. Initially, Kettle will be integrated with Node.js using the JSGI 0.3 spec, but in the future will be expanded to natively support Node's evented model.More information about our initial technology motivations for Kettle are documented in the Engage Server-Side Technology page.


Kettle currently depends on the following frameworks and libraries: