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Table of Contents

Fluid is an open source community of designers and developers who help improve the usability and accessibility of the open web. We contribute to a variety of open source projects (such as jQuery UI), and we work on a few projects of our own: the Design Handbook, a guidebook of techniques for improving usability, and Infusion, a JavaScript application framework for developing flexible user interfaces.


There are many OS based screen readers (NVDA, JAWS, ORCA, VoiceOver) available. However, not all users require, need, or want the full screen reader experience. More and more sites are starting to look at providing a text-to-speech feature on their site, allowing users the option to have the contents of the page read to them. This is only one of many preferences that a user may wish to change on a site. Our Preferences Framework has been developed to allow a user to customize their own experience, allowing the interface to adapt to their needs and preferences. This project will focus on enhancing our early implementation of text-to-speech (interface options demo, preferences exploration tool demo) based on our existing designs. Students will be expected to use Fluid Infusion, in particular the Preferences Framework, to integrate with a text-to-speech engine to implement the designs. Students should have knowledge of open web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Infusion Documentation

Most of the work we do here either uses or directly involves the Infusion Framework and Component Library. These links should get you started learning about Infusion, and should lead you to many more pages.