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Marnie receives a new library card and joins the librarian at a computer to set up her preferences.
She scans her library card and a new window pops-up behind the library home page. As it is difficult for Marnie orient herself solely with the cursor, Marnie reaches for the keyboard to remember which keys to press.

2 Keyboard Help

She pressed presses a key my by accident and a short overlay message displays with diagrams on which she could can use to navigate. A more detailed message is read to her telling her on where these keys usually exist on her keyboard. Marnie reaches for the arrow keys and the message is dismissed. She selects 'get started'.
Note: Message is dismissed through using the navigation keys or moving the cursor. If the user can not find appropriate keys, alternative keys would be suggested if available. (Once navigation method is determined this could be used towards a preference?) This message only appears on the first screen and an initial uses of new devices (e.g. ,a kiosk at the museum).

3 Language Selection