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The other issue is on webkit browsers. When you apply the filter option to multiple images some of them disappear. I have no I idea why this happens. I saw that people have had this issue for years, but no one had a working fix.


Implementing a mute button

The last feature that I implemented was a button to mute all audio and video tags in a web page. This was simply done by having an on/off button similar to the table of content one. When it is turned on it adds a mute property to all audio and video tags. When it is turned off it unmutes them. The implementation targets only elements that are not initially muted. The idea behind that is that if you are for example in Facebook and only one video is play sound, so you turn of the mute button. If you turn it off and it unmutes all elements in the page this will be a problem. However, there is a small bug associated with that. If you have the button turned off and you reload the page it will function properly. If it is left on and you reload it will detect every video as initially unmuted, so it will mute it and add it to the array of elements to be unmuted later on. When the mute option is remove every video will start playing audio, even the ones that had a muted property initially. This can be see and tested in the UI demo ( I think that this bug is similar to the one with the blue color filter and the table of content heading. I think that when the infusion components are being build js detects that the elements are there, but it ignores their attributes.