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This is an interesting reuse problem because, in addition to the traditional closed-ness of the DOM event system, it is particularly difficult to coordinate two asynchronous information sources.

 AOFF's website

In their study of Bødker and colleagues have studied a volunteer community working to distribute locally sourced organic vegetables in Aarhus, Denmark (AOFF), Bødker and colleagues describe the following development around the community's website. The group began by . Their paper contains many stories of how a grassroots organizations design their technologies in real life. AOFF  started out using a facebook group both as their public face and means of communication, but subsequently members of the group operated a wiki and several different websites. The first of these websites was created and hosted by a web developer volunteer, who eventually abandoned it: "the initial web developer became less and less involved with AOFF, resulting in minimal development, slow communication and lack of access to the basic configuration on the back-end, forcing the community to "invent" alternatives around the website." While the abandoned website was still in use, another member with development skills implemented a calendar feature on the website essentially by hacking it: "Paul, the member who later went on to develop the second website, "went into the database and put in an iframe as a content element...that's not done through the CMS at all, that's just some injected some SQL, into the database, which case the calendar feature \ [...\] but I mean, that's what we had, that's what we could do, it's the only possibility".