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Problem with embedded objects (according to Everett)

  • Safari on the Mac with VoiceOver does not announce an link if it is embedded within a heading or picture.
  • A picture embedded within a link is not announced

Everett's work around

Duplicate the link after the object the original link is embedded in (e.g. picture).
In order to make the duplicated object invisible use a CSS class to set:

  • height zero
  • position absolute
  • overflow hidden

Accordions or expanding/collapsing panels

Alison asked Everett for experience with accordion objects. Everett hasn't interacted with such an object with the iPhone VoiceOver.

Everett's thoughts:

  • if the object is native it should be supported by VoiceOver
  • if not, support for VoiceOver has to be added

Links activating the expanding or collapsing