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  • More of a first discovery-like approach

  • Create a simple UI with the following:

    • Begin with generalised timeline OR hypothetical exercise/mapping, with links into

    • simplified preference setting tool/UI

      • Return to timeline or mapping to see changes based on prefs set

    • Beginnings of personal privacy policy output?

  • Timeline could link into app-specific privacy settings? And from there, prompt to use preference-setting tool to avoid having to set app-specific privacy settings in the future?

  • consider both the speculative (full, complex) design (like current wireframes with timeline etc) as well as the simplified / what is realistic today
  • in simplified case - what is bare minimum? the bottom line? "5 things"
    • what does user want to "say" to provider (i.e. privacy preferences) - what can they opt-out of
    • what does user want to know from provider (i.e. what info is being used and why?)