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  • Review Sveto's My Collection and plan next steps
    • Determining if we can reuse or redesign aspects of it including list/grid view toggle
    • See if the Fliquor demo also has similar code to reuse
  • Implement my collection email Fix Reorderer scrolling for iPod
    • Test reordering on iPod
      • Maybe implement this a simple service; we sent the collection information to a "mailer" data service
      • Otherwise will integrating with Java mail APIs, creating JavaScript wrappers, and ensuring server configuration
    • Remove reordering from mobile version of My Collection
    • Implement desktop web version of My Collection


    • Create comment input page. Includes refinements to mobile FSS
    • Implement comment saving. Shadow Document? Attachments?


    • (Kettle) update kettle to JSGI 0.2
    • (Performance) Investigate local caching as a way of improving speed
    • Finish unobtrusive screen navigator
      • Remove content-specific contract: replace with "auto-portalization"
      • Improve unit tests
    • Implement events listing on the exhibit view page. Do we have data for the events?
    • Events information page. What do those page icons do?
    • Implement audio/visual links from exhibit page. Do we have data for that?
    • Test reordering on iPod
    • Fix Reorderer scrolling for iPod

    Things to Consider

    • Ensure we QA test on the iPod touch