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  • Share code with Paging to fetch data 0.5 day
  • Write code to accumulate up a "growing model" and rerender the component 1 day
    • Fetch (shared with Paging), change model, rerender (implemented in NavList)

Navigation List

  • Move "More" and Paging concerns out
  • Refactor as a "Thumbnail + Title + Description List" component (if necessary) 1 day
    • Better flexibility for item descriptions and maybe title
    • Move "More" and Paging concerns out
  • Add support for refreshing views in NavigationList 0.5 day
  • Make NavList restylable as a grid 1 day

Exhibit View and Browse

  • Code review and refinements to: 2 days
    • Exhibit Main and About (a.k.a. View)
    • Exhibit Browse
    • Exhibit Catalog
  • Update Exhibit View to match Main and About wireframes 2 days
    • Requires creating the Comment component as well
  • Update Catalog to match wireframes 3 days
    • Includes support for toggling between list and grid views
    • Includes searching


  • Review Sveto's My Collection and plan next steps 2 day
    • Determining if we can reuse or redesign aspects of it including list/grid view toggle
    • See if the Fliquor demo also has similar code to reuse
  • Implement my collection email 1 days/5 days
    • Maybe implement this a simple service; we sent the collection information to a "mailer" data service
    • Otherwise will integrating with Java mail APIs, creating JavaScript wrappers, and ensuring server configuration
  • Remove reordering from mobile version of My Collection 0.25 day
  • Implement desktop web version of My Collection 3 days
    • Status bar with login information
    • Parameterize Artifact View so that the artifact title can be moved above the image and linked
    • Ability to delete artifacts from the collection on hover
    Ongoing mentorship and architectural support

Comments and Guest Book

  • Implement comment saving on attachments 2 days
    • Determine how to structure shadow documents; as attachments?; within a known field in the document itself?
    • Depends on login infrastructure
  • Implement comments list view 0.5 day
  • Implement comments entry screen 0.5 day
  • Integrate comments with Exhibit Main and Artifact View 0.5 day

Login and Sign Up

  • Implement the wireframes as components/html pages + JS 1 day
    • Includes "Sign In/Sign Up/Cancel" dialog over Artifact View and Guest Book when commenting
  • Need to add Kettle API for generating password hashes 1 day
  • Add support for HTTPS 5 days
  • Ensure user information is stored in a cookie or managed with sessions or whatever 0.5 day
  • Design a strategy for identifying users: 1 day
    1. Museum device: for the duration of using the device (cleared upon quitting the browser)
    2. Personal: forever (unless user clears their cookies)


  • Artifact View bugs from 0.1
    • Pathing issueissues 1 day Antranig, can you confirm?
    • Etc. (need to through JIRA and list specific bugs that are relevant)
  • Update Artifact View to latest wireframes 2.5 days
    • Implement audio/video for artifacts
    • Refine Artifact View to handle missing data
  • Remove Tags from Artifact View (ditch it completely from svn) Refine Artifact View to handle missing data 0.25 day
  • Code review, refine, commit Sveto's changes to artifact that allows users to collect an item. Second navbar "collect" 1 day
  • Description: generalize as a more/less toggle 1 day
    • Will implement as a simple function
    • Specify height in one place
    • Externalize the truncation code.
  • Integrate Comments for artifacts.

Object Code EntryObject Code Entry

  • Implement Object Code component 2 days
  • Create Couch view for searching by code 0.25 day

QA Tasks

  • Create test plans for Voice Over screen reader with iPhone 2 days
  • Create test plans for all new functionality and update for existing screens 2 days

Things to Consider

  • Ensure we QA test on the iPod touch


  • Do we have data consisting of multiple images for a single artifact?
  • Can we get media data that include the duration of movies and audio?
  • Can we get images in the following sizes?
    • 320 x 240 for main artifact images
    • 64 x 64 or smaller for thumbs
  • What should we do with Report Abuse for comments in 0.3?
  • What strategy should we use for mailing users with their collection?
  • Can you tell us the 1:1 mapping of the fields in the mobile wireframes and fields in the XML?

Stuff to Punt

  • (Kettle) update kettle to JSGI 0.2
  • (Performance) Investigate local caching as a way of improving speed
  • Finish unobtrusive screen navigator
    • Remove content-specific contract: replace with "auto-portalization"
    • Improve unit tests
  • Implement events listing on the exhibit view page. Do we have data for the events?
  • Events information page. What do those page icons do?
  • Implement audio/visual links from exhibit page. Do we have data for that?
  • Test reordering on iPod
  • Fix Reorderer scrolling for iPod
  • Create comment input page. (this should stay)
  • Includes refinements to mobile FSS
  • Create a myInfusion file that contains the base requirements not files that are only needed in a single component.
    • the build scripts should be made modular enough to build a myInfusion file that doesn't modify the source directory but only assembles a subset