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  • Searched for object information through exhibitions
  • Did not find object code entry option till much later (did Hugues have to identify the option?)
  • Wiki MarkupMade a conceptual connection between the device catalogue theme sections and sections within the physical space \ [catalogue theme sections weren't intended to navigate through the sections of the physical space\]
  • Eventually found the object code entry screen, and found an object code label
  • Was explicitly aware about both at the same time, but didn't make a full connection; didn't think the connection was obvious between the two
  • When watching a video, difficulty finding the volume controls on the case of the device, and inadvertently changed the orientation of the videounmigrated-wiki-markup
  • Ended up watching video in portrait mode (video aspect ratio more ideal for landscape) \ [can we force orientation?\]
  • Participant spent a lot, possibly most (seemed like 80%+), of his time looking at the device and not the space, largely because he was having difficulty making the connection between the objects virtually and physically (i.e., difficulty in finding objects)unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • \[we really need to make the application simple---/cantreadmywriting/... affects physical space\]