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online approaches


Outline of co-design workshop/hackathon/inclusive making:


  • Identifying 2 key areas:

    • Can we learn what scaffolds are needed through physical play?

    • If given an approximate model, can we identify supports needed to facilitate free-form track construction for a wide spectrum of users?

      • Add predefined track pieces which can be put together.

      • Or the ability to start from an existing track and you can change it.

  • What kind of feedback does physical play provide that is useful for users?
    • i.e. is the tactile and sound key signals?
    • Are there things about physical play that is limiting that could be implemented in digital forms? I.e. being able to play / pause / adjust?
  • Are the sounds created by physical play enough to orient a non-sighted user? (i.e. is sonification enough?)
  • What is the core play loop?
    • The core play loop = ability to easily adjust, tweak, and see consequences?
    • what kind of controls and feedback does the sim need to provide in order to keep it fun?
    • "fun" is subjective
      • people play in different ways. How do is this accommodated?


  • 2x co-op students?
  • 2x non-sighted participants?
  • How do we "compensate"?

Given the above questions, how might a workshop / hackathon be structured to help us answer these questions?