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  • Delete may not always work and may lock out the user from any further deletes. (FLUID-3521)
  • When selecting an item to drag, the initial drag style is not correct. (FLUID-3573)
  • Exporting an empty collection does not prevent you from doing so. (FLUID-3557)
  • Placeholder outlines not properly aligned on some systems (i.e. FF 3 on Mac). (FLUID-3573)
  • Preview image can get cropped at the bottom of the Preview region if the client's viewport isn't tall enough. (FLUID-3575)
  • Thumbnail image does not scale to fit available space in the container. (FLUID-3574)


  • On first capture, camera detection is performed.There , there is a slight delay while cameras are detected. User is notified that detection is in process.
  • If only one camera is attached, a user action dialog appears alerting the user to attach a pair of supported cameras.
  • If only one camera is attached, the dialog does not list the camera currently attached. It should. (file as bug)
  • If a pair of cameras are attached, and neither are supported... not sure what happens in this case.
  • If a pair of cameras are attached, and only one is supported, both cameras are listed and indicated whether or not it is supported.
  • If both cameras are supported, the user action dialog does not appear.
  • Pressing the Try Again button does not appear to do anything, even though the user may have attempted to fix their camera setup. They must close the dialog, and press Take Picture again before detection is executed again. (FLUID-3534)
  • Picture taking occurs one after the other. This should occur in parallel so both cameras take images at roughly the same time. (FLUID-3547)