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  1. On a scale from 1 to 5, did you feel your participation was valuable to:
    1. you personally
    2. your group
    3. the initiatives to the IDRC

      Please explain (optional) __________________

  2. Please rate on a scale of one to ten if the participants in the event represented a diverse group of people. One being not diverse and ten being extremely diverse.

    Please explain your rating (optional) ______________

  3. Do you feel there was enough time, too much time, or not enough time for each of the following sessions during the event?
    1. hands-on play in groups
    2. initial personal design time
    3. collaborative game design
    4. re-visit and update personal design

  4. How do you feel about the level of instruction and structure of the Create-A-Thon? Choose an answer.
    1. Too little instruction and structure.
    2. Just the right amount of instruction and structure.
    3. Too much instruction and structure.

  5. And, finally, please use this space to add any other comments, thoughts or ideas you'd like to share with us: ____________

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