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Touch-notes and Query Exploration Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups - Partial Query Workflow

  • we want to avoid being prescriptive, or encoding the tool with core values
  • e.g. what is a "healthy" diet to one person may not be healthy to another
  • avoid the trap of a medical model, "healthism"
  • want to be able to capture less obvious things, unanticipated correlations etc
    • remove value e.g. just "diet" rather than "healthy diet"
    • or make it customizable - user may choose to create a touch note called "healthy food"
  • allow the user to BYOV - bring their own value system to the tool
  • user-continued design: 
    • allow for re-labelling
    • provide a gallery, a palette, possibly of what others have done
  • provide "presets" / starting sets e.g. a migraine tracking set?
    • concern - too prescriptive
    • concern - may not want to declare "I get migraines" - allow learner to label it as they wish (to protect privacy)
  • in many cases the user may not know the value of certain data until they are tracking and can identify a correlation

  • discovery process? how to guide without being prescriptive, how to get learner started?
  • perhaps a starting framework: 
    • what did I eat today
    • where did I go today
    • how much sleep did I get
    • who did I interact with today
    • etc
  • keep it more open to begin with, then hone in on specific goals, queries, correlations
  • provide more than one entry method, learner can choose - broad or specific ?

  • what if feelings were an entry point to everything else?
  • i.e. start with how you feel today/right now, allow multiple feelings
  • then track other things from there that might be affecting your mood