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  • Gaston Bachelard ("Poetics of Space")
    • Topophilia = love the space
    • Rachel Whiteread = artist whose works primarily talk about negative space
  • Pierre Sansot ("Poetics of City")
    • He said when you sit in a bistro with a newspaper that means you want to speak to someone
    • When you are in a cafe with a newspaper you don't want to speak to someone
      • The same item acts as a different signifier in different contexts.
  • Roland Barthes
    • Semiotics = to know the city you must know the culture of the people
    • Emic-Etic = is it the people that make the city or city make the people?
  • Pallasmaa
    • Sensory relationship: 
      • auditory
      • tactile = touch is important; can attach the feeling of a touch to a place
      • discursive
      • visual
      • olfactory = attached to memory
  • Pitter Zomtor
    • Archetype = collective memories
      • you're born with it
      • e.g. 
        • most people like the sound of water
        • flowers as a symbol of love
  • Maurice Merleau-Ponty
    • name gives you identity
    • number is just a number, it does not give you identity
    • when you are different you have your own identify. Homogeneity leads to control.

Captivating places

  • The impact of inclusive design on inclusive place attachment
    • How design/architecture was changed for inclusivity