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  • Qualitative Research, specifically person-centred care
    • "Qualitative" is captured by "descriptive"; literary approach to research
  • Narrative research is used to give voice, specifically to those whose voice is not typically heard.
    • Narrative research is an umbrella term that covers research about experience
    • Narrative is at the extreme end of qualitative research
    • The knowledge gained is co-created with the subject  (patient) and the researcher(s)
  • Narrative Inquiry was developed by Michael Connelly and Jean Clandinin
  • Every experience informs every subsequent experience
  • What is the purpose of the research?" is the starting point
    • Do a review of literature to see what has already been done, to expand on it or create new knowledge
    • Practical and ??? justification
    • Why am I doing this, how is it going to benefit humanity?