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Testing Tools:

Headings Map Firefox plugin

HTML Validation (Nu HTML Checker) + WCAG only parsing bookmark  (WCAG 2.0 parsing error bookmarklet)

Colour contrast evaluators (TPG Contrast Analyser)

Zoom TextChrome extension andZoom PageFirefox Add-On.

Accessibility evaluators (AChecker,WebAIM WAVE,FAE)

Firebug plugin for Firefox

Developer Toolbar plugin for Firefox

WAVE Toolbar extension for Chrome

Screen reader (e.g.NVDA,JAWS, for Windows;

  VoiceOver for Mac OS, iOS)


Automating Accessibility Testing:

aXE,Pa11y andAATT are examples of automated testing libraries that can be integrated with a continuous integration test suite.

Browser automation using tools likeSelenium orPhantomJS can also support automating some aspects of accessibility testing.

Examining the Accessibility API:

Inspector (Windows) andAccessibility Inspector

(OS X) are system tools for graphically examining

the Accessibility API; the FirefoxDOM Inspector

is also useful for this.

Communities of Practice

Web Accessibility Initiative,WebAIM and theweb-a11y Slack group are open groups for discussing web accessibility topics.

Some Useful Articles and Essays

”Writing CSS With Accessibility In Mind” by Manuel Matuzovic

“Making An Inclusive and Accessible Website” (IDRC resource)

“Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility” by

Léonie Watson & Chaals McCathie Nevile