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  • Handling inquiries seeking "situated" information (relevant to context)
  • Starting simple - gathering stuff onto a wiki page. Our own resources and from partners.
  • Questions
    • What questions do our communities have?
    • What kind of resources do we have or recommend?
    • How do we encourage the use of this knowledge resource? (i.e. formality and process)
  • Inclusive Design, Co-Design, and Co-Creation Resources
  • Inclusive Design Guidelines - Research
  • What do we know already and how did we describe them for previous audiences?
  • "a wonderful collaborative mess of stuff"
    • "Draw from the pool"
  • Maybe turn this into a gist so that people can comment and edit?
  • Coordinate with OCAD librarians who publish our scholarly work
  • Shared links and articles via IRC chats
  • Share recorded community meetings via YouTube (and caption first)
  • Summaries of books that we find useful
  • Cherry pick from this stockpile and pull it into another organization for other projects (someone in the prproject can do the annotation and curation)
  • What things do you draw from this pool for?
    • Links and descriptions
    • Links and titles
    • or keywords to be able to find it later?
    • What sort of workflow each person has to use this for?


Nothing About Us Without Us - by James  James I. Charlton

The Spirit Level - by Kate  Kate Pickett and Richard G. Wilkinson

A Web for Everyone - By Sarah Horton & Whitney Quesenbery 

Becoming Human - Jean Vanier Vanier

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