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  • Hector was in Fresno last week, local server is working very well

  • Teachers are updating videos of stories of students

  • Will have a link very soon to follow the process

  • Travelling to Medellin this Friday to meet with organisers of festival -

  • Using Whatsapp to communicate with the youth there - to send first version of the stories

  • Working with other young women, became part of coordination group of the festival

  • Could help to create a website, the storytelling tool could be behind the scenes of the festival- stories about how to build a festival about young women and tech, why it’s important, in a city like Medellin, in a country like Colombia

  • Festival about technology in a broad sense - not just digital tech, but - feminism as tech, etc - women, young people, tech, in a broad sense

  • Trying to decide on a name for the project - The Planet is the School

    • taken from a poem by William Ospina

    • from Fresno -

    a poet,
    • The Wonderful Light

  • Jacquer esCool - they are the female part of that group and they are creating thier own festival