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  • On first capture, camera detection is performed, there is a slight delay while cameras are detected. User is notified that detection is in process.
  • If only one camera is attached, a user action dialog appears alerting the user to attach a pair of supported cameras.
  • If only one camera is attached, the dialog does not list the camera currently attached. It should.
  • If a pair of cameras are attached, and neither are supported, a dialog should appear to prompt the user to attach supported cameras.
  • If a pair of cameras are attached, and only one is supported, both cameras are listed and indicated whether or not it is supported.
  • If both cameras are supported, the user action dialog does not appear.
  • Picture taking occurs one after the other. This should occur in parallel so both cameras take images at roughly the same time. ( Removed)

Post Capture Processing


  • Export results in a greyscale image PDF with no OCR text or tokenization
  • In some cases pages in a PDF may be colour inverted. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release.
  • Exported PDF is created in the following path: ./decapod-0.4/decapod-server/book/pdf/decapod.pdf
  • Export to PDF with tokenization and OCR is not in this release.
  • Export process can take a long time.
  • The PDF generation will omit pages if it does not detect any characters. This may result in multiple pages captured by the user, but a subset of those appearing in the PDF. ( Removed)
    • Note: some pages may be included in PDF even if it does not have valid characters.