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  • Makers Making Change is an initiative out of the Neil Squire Society
  • Supported by the Google Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Government of Canada
  • 80% of people will need an assistive device in their lifetime
    • however due to high customization needs, they are produced in small quantity
  • Based in Burnaby
  • What they are hoping to do is to combine the energies of three different groups: Maker Movement, Crowdsourcing, Open Source
  • What is the Maker movement?Movement?
    • Ability to have small workspaces/workshops where you can make fairly complicated devices

    • Bring in as many people together to produce, develop, extend, support these devices

  • What is the Open Source movement?
    • really valuable that you can take someones software, modify it for your own needs, and let other people use it
  • What is the Crowdsourcing movement?
    • Kickstarter, wikipedia, etc.
  • Open source assistive technology (OpenAT)
    • people identify their needs
    • you can very quickly iterate a design
    • can very quickly modify a design
    • 3D printing allows you to have a tangible object for something that was just a thought moments before
    • crowdsource build-a-thons, repair days, meet ups
  • Licenses for open source hardware is complicated