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Playtown!: Creativity through Exploration

Student: Christine Hu 


“Playtown!” is a web game for kids to discover and personalize their own world. Users start by customizing their own character, choosing from different hairstyles, skin colors, and clothing items. The character can then explore the town map, which has three locations: a transportation workshop, an arcade, and an ice cream shop.

Players will be able to:

  • design a vehicle of choice at the transportation workshop (including sailboats or rocket ships!)
  • play simple games at the arcade
  • build their dream sundae at the ice cream shop

on the town map, and by choosing different locations, they can:

  • build a robot,
  • customize an avatar,
  • build an ice cream sundae, and
  • design a house!

All controls will be fully switch-enabled, and there is potential to implement customizable contrast, with users also able to adjust text size , and difficulty optionsscroll speed. 

At this stage, specifics are flexible and can be modified according to gauged interest—the ice cream shop could be a pizza shop, for example. Ultimately, the goal is a game that allows children to explore their creativity through a virtual world.

On the technical side, the game will be built with:

  • HTML, JavaScript, & CSS (Using the Phaser game engine)
  • PiskelAssembly, AssemblyInkScape, & TexturePacker (Sprite creation)
To get an idea of the artistic style of the game, there is a short concept demo here.

Check out current progress here

Partners + Mentors

Partners: Beit Issie ShapiroHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Mentors: Jess Mitchell, Alan Harnum, Dana Ayotte, Gregor Moss 

Working Documents

Project Resources

Developer tips:

Games for inspiration:


Pronouns: She/her/hers

Time zone: ET PDT (UTC-0407:00) 

IRC: christinehu


Skype: huchristine.17_1

Slack: Christine Hu