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  • using acetate to create a multi-layered "painting" or design
  • individual drawings were made on acetate layers, then layered on top of each other and stitched on 3 sides
  • could we somehow use this to get participants sketching and bringing together ideas in co-design sessions?

Three Things

  • an activity led by Platohedro as a kind of ice-breaker
  • participants line up face to face in two lines
  • each pair of participants facing one another takes a few minutes to observe their partner
  • participants turn away from each other and change 3 things about their appearance
  • participants turn back to face each other and try to identify the 3 changes in their partner
  • participants share with the group when they have identified the 3 things
  • an exercise in deep observation / deep listening and a good "ice-breaker"

Collaborative Surprise Drawing


  • based on with some tweaks
  • the group that presented the work, title, description and artist statement back to the larger group was not the original creating group
  • the original creating group then talked about their intention for the work (comparing it to the other interpretation)
  • we discussed the difference between a an objective description and an a subjective artist statement
  • we could also stress how when we design something it will probably be used for something we didn't think of so keeping our designs open is very important.


  • want to get PhET sims to them somehow to be able to use on their local intranet as well as at La Sagrada Familia
  • want them to use the storytelling tool to gather stories about organising Motivando a la Gyal
  • want storytelling tool to be able to be used on their smartphones as well as on the school local network
  • storytelling tool at La Sagrada Familia? They should be able to use it on wi-fi and school devices. Gather stories from them
    • could they use it to answer our feedback questions??
  • no internet (local network), smartphone hardware/software/OS as part of multi-modal, one-size-fits-one alternatives
  • can we get sensors into the student's hands - in Las Marias, Fresno, the Environmental Guardians (Cartagena) (also Canadian north?)
    • Nexus has to be able to run on old Microsoft desktops as well as smartphones that they use

Kimera Local Wireless Network

Student Interests

  • Students in Fresno (Mireya) talked about a few different small business projects they are interested in developing
    • Fruit Pulp - taking over-ripe fruit from farms that would otherwise go to waste, collecting the pulp, freezing it and selling it
    • Esthetics - providing esthetician services in Fresno and surrounding rural areas
    • Eco-tourism - developing tourism in rural areas that would include tours of farms and surrounding natural areas
  • Students in Las Marias expressed an interest in environmental issues and particularly negative effects on pollination (since herbicides and pesticides have killed of most of the bees, and many crops are now manually pollinated)

Notes from Debrief Meeting with Hector


  • Some of the teachers would be happier if they could create their own content. 
  • Karisma set up a CMS, but it is too complicated for them. 
  • They are hoping to build a simple tool where teachers can create content (can the storytelling tool or version of it be used for this? how else can we support this? metadata project?). 

Increase Access

  • Karisma is trying several ways to increase access to the Wikipedia content. 
  • They have set up an intranet in the Fresno library which can be accessed from the park in the main square. 
  • They have also set one up at the organic coffee farm with the hope of enticing more people - not entirely sure of the strategy there. Perhaps it is that people come near the gates to use the intranet and the farmer could then give them more information about the project as a whole. 


  • Young people aren't aware of the options they have for their futures
  • Women have little or no access to money so there is no way for them to ever change their situation. 
  • Conservatism - some parents won’t give permission for the program to take their kids to Fresno to visit the coffee farm or other field trips. 

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