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  • based on the method of "exquisite corpse
  • used to demonstrate collaboration and the creative ideas that can come from working together - something that one individual would not likely come up with on their own
  • in this case the aim was create a creature of some sort
  • lines were carried over from one section to the next with participants unable to see what came before
  • groups of 5 or 6
  • at the end the full drawing was revealed (to much delight and hilarity) and each group came up with a name and a short story (2-3 lines) about the creature
  • stories often reflected issues or aspects of the participants lives - so that they were able to tell a story that was important to them but without it being presented as personal
  • can we apply this directly to UI design or other design challenge?

Collaborative Art Warmup

  • based on with some tweaks
  • the group that presented the work, title, description and artist statement was not the original creating group
  • the original creating group then talked about their intention for the work
  • we discussed the difference between a description and an artist statement
  • we could also stress how when we design something it will probably be used for something we didn't think of so keeping our designs open is very important.

Mismatch / Starburst

  • while one member of each group was working on the collaborative surprise drawing, we got the rest of the group to come up with examples for the mismatch starburst
  • showed the starburst / scatterplot (related it to a normal curve, asked them what they knew about normal curves, average/median) and talked about things you "can do" things you find "difficult to do" and things you "can't do" 
  • participants worked in groups to come up with examples from their own lives
  • getting the to draw the starburst seemed to help engage them in the process
  • many answers related to transportation to/from school (some students travel 3-4 hours to get to school on a very rough road), also internet access
  • some students focussed on activities they personally find easy or difficult