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  • want to get PhET sims to them somehow to be able to use on their local intranet as well as at La Sagrada Familia
  • want them to use the storytelling tool to gather stories about organising Motivando a la Gyal
  • want storytelling tool to be able to be used on their smartphones as well as on the school local network
  • storytelling tool at La Sagrada Familia? They should be able to use it on wi-fi and school devices. Gather stories from them
    • could they use it to answer our feedback questions??
  • no internet (local network), smartphone hardware/software/OS as part of multi-modal, one-size-fits-one alternatives
  • can we get sensors into the student's hands - in Las Marias, Fresno, the Environmental Guardians (Cartagena) (also Canadian north?)
    • Nexus has to be able to run on old Microsoft desktops as well as smartphones that they use


Kimera Local Wireless Network

Student Interests

  • Students in Fresno (Mireya) talked about a few different small business projects they are interested in developing
    • Fruit Pulp - taking over-ripe fruit from farms that would otherwise go to waste, collecting the pulp, freezing it and selling it
    • Esthetics - providing esthetician services in Fresno and surrounding rural areas
    • Eco-tourism - developing tourism in rural areas that would include tours of farms and surrounding natural areas
  • Students in Las Marias expressed an interest in environmental issues and particularly negative effects on pollination (since herbicides and pesticides have killed of most of the bees, and many crops are now manually pollinated)