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  • MyData is not about open data, but personal data.
    • Core Idea
      • Individuals should be in control of their own data
    • Approach
      • aims to strengthen digital human rights (privacy, sovereignty) while opening new opportunities for businesses to develop innovative personal data based services built on mutual trust.
    • MyData is a vision and guiding technical principals so we can have control over the data trails we leave behind us everyday.
  • Three models
    • API Ecosystem
      • Individual APIs to connect
      • Easy to forget what and where you've given consent
    • Platform Model
      • single sign on
      • etc.
    • MyData Model
      • control data flows to individual entities
  • MyData shifts
    • Formal → actionable rights
      • not just legal but something you can actually do. (e.g. click on something)
    • Data protection → data empowerment
      • Things like GDPR are more privacy protection, empowerment is what can you do with the data about you
    • Closed → open ecosystems
      • currently little/no transparency about what data is collected about you

GAFA refers to Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon ( ).