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Read&Write for Google Chrome

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Browser plugin that offers several accessibility features:

  • Hover speech
    • hover over text to begin text-to-speech of sentence below cursor
    • speech continues to next sentence automatically
    • moving mouse to another spot (i.e. to change windows) can also cause the text-to-speech to trigger
    • speech continue until you hit stop and switch off Hover speech
  • Dictionary, picture dictionary
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  • Audio maker
    • Highlight some text and download the text-to-speech MP3
  • Screen mask - uses an overlay to help isolate lines of text.
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  • Dictation, translator, highlight tools
  • Simplify tool converts content from an URL
  • Fluency feature which allows you to record dictations and send to a teacher
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Drop in and out collaborative creations

Collaborative creation examples: Google drawings, Minecraft, Scratch