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  1. Users not waiting to listen to whole alert - just listening to the first part: "magnet at center of play area"
  2. Lots of alerts are being fired (see #603 during exploration around coil @ ~2:00)
  3. "Far from 3 loop coil. Very close to 2 loop coil." is too long.

Option 1:

  • Text alerts only state proximity relative to coils
  • Put closest coil first in text alert.
  • Shorten from "Far from 4 loop coil. Very close to 2 loop coil."  to "2 loop coil very close, 4 loop coil far."
  • Remove play area location from text alerts as they are redundant
  • Fire alerts only when thresholds are crossed, not on every stroke / key-up event.


  • The original design was to only fire alerts when certain thresholds were passed. In the dev version alerts are being fired regardless whether a threshold was transitioned
  • Pauses between text alert messages makes people think that's all there is.

Keep or remove Coil to the Left / Right alert




  • The alerts alert for "coil to left / right" comes can come across as jarring and without much contextwhen already near the coil.
  • Example, some confusion for #603 after that alert "4 loop coil to the right" (2:50 - 2:54).
  • However, same user used the text cue at 36:15 and knew to move left to the coil. Uses text cue again at 43:10 to find 2nd coil


  • Remove this alert. Users seem to manage without it, and get confused with it.


Scene summary"Move the magnet to play using arrow keys, W A S D, or 1 2 3 keys.""How to play with the magnet: select magnet; move using arrow keys, W A S D, or 1 2 3 keys."
Magnet PDOM description"Use the W A S D keys to move the magnet in four directions. Use 1 2 3 keys to slide magnet left and right.""How to play with the magnet: Select the magnet; use the W A S D keys to move in four directions; use 1 2 3 keys to slide left and right.


  • #603
    • 22:55 - figures out association of sound with being in the 4 loop coil
    • 23:11 - figures out closer you get the more intense the sound
    • 25:00 - trying to figure out what the bong sound is and why it happens.
    • 29:00 - changed rate of speech, the pause throws user off. Increasing rate helps
    • Didn't feel descriptions were enough
    • Knew there was a coil and magnet, and poles.
    • 30:00 - discovers volt meter
      • unchecks it but the volt mete is still visible. something wrong?
    • 33:50 - asked what happens when magnet moved through coil at different speeds
      • doesn't know if it does anything because it just tell him that it's in the centre of the play area.
    • 35:00
      • Wasn't sure there was more than 1 way to move the coil
      • Didn't know you can press and hold
      • Looking for a change in the description as a result of moving faster, but the text alerts remain the same (issue with text alerts disconnected w sonification)
    • 36:44
      • Prompted to switch coil modes
    • 39:00-16
      • Flipping poles, but after flipping had no way of remembering the polarity. Said: "I guess that's something you just have to remember"
      • But the description is in the PDOM. Is that enough?
    • 42:00
      • Confusion over an empty Level 2 header
    • 43:00
      • Was reminded there was already a 2nd coil. User forgot and was prompted.
    • 43:30
      • Searching for 2 loop coil.
      • Text alert said "to the right" and used that as a cue.
    • 44:30
      • properly describes the magnet position relative to the 2 coils and knows there's a the difference between the coils because of the different bump sounds.