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Keep or remove Coil to the Left / Right alert?


  • The alert for "coil to left / right" can come across as jarring when already near the coil.
  • Example, some confusion for #603 after that alert "4 loop coil to the right" (2:50 - 2:54).
  • However, same user used the text cue at 36:15 and knew to move left to the coil. Uses text cue , and again at 43:10 to find 2nd coil


  • Remove this alert. Users seem to manage without it, and get confused with it.


  • The original intention of this alert is to help users “set up” their magnet so they know when the coil is to the left or right.


  • When coil is bumped, a "bong" sound is heard, but text alert says: "magnet at center of play area".
  • This creates an incorrect association and explanation.
  • Example: For #603  at 2:25, magnet inside coil and hit the top of coil. "bong" sound heard, but text alert says: "magnet at center of play area".
    • Text alert creating confusion because it's not describing what the "bong" sound means
    • #603 thought it was some sort of bullseye and they were in the right place.

Option 1:

  • Remove text alert all together and just have the "bong" sound.


  • Play area edge bump and text alert is an example where this works well: edge bump sound is accompanied by an alert saying the magnet is at the edge

Sliding Cue


  • None of the surveyed users used the slide move (#603, #608)

Shorten the Play Area Edge Text Alert


  • 608 Appears to be an experienced user - faster rate of speech, navigating quickly through PDOM
  • 3:00 - appears to be having problems figuring out that focusing on the magnet is where you begin.
    • looking through the PDOM multiple times, and the Control Area, but can't find where to begin.
  • 4:10 - comments about missing something
  • 5:30
    • Asked what she was looking for, and was told to switch modes from Browse to Forms mode
    • (question) How often does this situation come up? Should instructions be put somewhere (i.e. in the Help or scene summary?)
  • 7:30
    • "I'm very confused" - can't seem to figure out how to get to magnet and move it
  •  9:40
    • Still very confused. Was manipulating the coils and not getting what she wanted. Instructed to go and find the magnet.
  • 9:48
    • Managed to find the magnet
    • (question) Is the text cue not strong enough? Just says: "Bar magnet, move in 4 directions"
  • 9:50
    • was moving magnet around, got it into the coil, bumped the coil
    • (question) Is the bump sound enough?
  • 14:20
    • Moved magnet around a lot. Bumped it along the edges a lot
    • Edge bump alert can be better.
  • 16:02
    • User slides the magnet
    • No other audio cues because far from coil
  • 18:02
    • Previously asked to turn on field lines
    • Now turns them off. Did not explore the PDOM to hear the updated description.
  • 18:40
    • Asked to describe the sim
    • Describes the sim as having a coil, a circuit, magnet, and a voltmeter (although not sure what that is)
    • Not sure what the lightbulb is for
  • 19:13
    • Knows the magnet can go in the coil because it's open on both ends
  • 19:40
    • Asked how they navigated through the sim
    • Was using the arrow keys and getting no where
      • (question) Possible the text description did not help either. The description says to use arrow keys but didn't say the context in which to use them.
    • Eventually was able to move magnet with WASD keys
  • 20:10
    • Asked if used any other keys to move the magnet
    • Said used the 1 2 3 keys and it slid the magnet, but didn't give any additional description.
  • 20:50
    • Asked about the descriptions from the screen reader
    • Said the descriptions were very specific
    • Also said didn't realize that the 1 2 3 keys wasn't sliding just inside the coil
  • 21:40
    • Asked about the amount of time spent using Browse Mode