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  • how to help users replicate what they have done
  • how to help users compare results
  • how is it possible to track last major events?
  • Conveying voltage information:
    • put a description in the PDOM
    • somehow add description to the alert: use a similar 3-point description as lightbulb
      • "small / big / very big" "negative" "flux / voltage / ?"
      • "voltage big positive" "big positive volts" ?
      • "small positive change" > "small change"
      • add a description in the PDOM to help with cueing of text alert
        • voltmeter described as "measures voltage changes in circuit"
        • voltmeter text alert "small positive change" (initially) > "small change"
  • AT reads focus when released
  • Tab moves focus and AT will announce label of next item. (be wary of possible confusion)
  • put the coil orientation in the scene summary.

PDOM Example

Faraday's Law (h2, Scene Summary)