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  • Teaching for 10 years, uses software apps like Word, excel, ppt, email, on-line research.
  • Has used other LMS's and has used Sakai as a compliment to her f2f interaction with students in the classroom for 2 semesters.
  • She interacts with the system a lot at the beginning of the term as she sets up her site.  Throughout the semester her use is sporadic.
Accessibility Considerations

Sarah as blind user. Since Sara is attempting to communicate more online this term with her students, some of whom may have disabilities, she will make extensive use of online communication tools. To do this:

She will need to have fully accessible tools for discussion and online chat:

  1. Enabling her and her students with disabilities to respond to online postings;
  2. Informing her and her students with disabilities of updated discussion threads and chat traffic; and
  3. Facilitating her sorting of contributions by students and topics so she can evaluate them more easily.

She will also need to insure accessible visual content, including organization diagrams, bar charts, photographs of subjects, etc., including:

  1. Descriptions of visual content in student submissions;
  2. The ability to create visual content in text-based editor; and
  3. The ability to tag visual content in text-based editor.