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  • Build on course materials from term to term
  • Not to have to ask for help
  • To spend as little time as possible doing administrative work; she'll delegate to her TA's
  • To get tenure (get credit for tenure for everything she does)
  • Use technology to help create an engaging and interactive environment for her on-line students where she can track their progress
  • To be respected by students, colleagues and dean of school
Level of Expertise / LMS Use
  • Teaching for 10 years, uses software apps like Word, excel, ppt, email, on-line research.
  • Ppt for images
  • Word for "lecture guide"


  • Has used other LMS's and has used Sakai as a compliment to her f2f interaction with students in the classroom for 2 semesters.
  • She interacts with the system a lot at the beginning of the term as she sets up her site.  Throughout the semester her use is sporadic.