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  • How can user interface and interaction Design Patterns be used to improve usability and accessibility in Sakai, uPortal, Kuali, & Moodle?
  • How can user interface and interaction Design Patterns be used in the design of new Fluid components?
  • How should Design Pattern Libraries relate to Style Guides and Component Libraries?
  • What is the proper granularity for a Design Pattern?
  • Who are the potential target audiences for Fluid Design Patterns (and components)?
  • How can Fluid Design Patterns (and components) be used by other audiences (e.g. developers of other websites & applications at our universities)?
  • How should Fluid Design Patterns (and components) be presented? How can we make the patterns themselves and their presentation most usable to our target audiences?
  • Should a Fluid Design Pattern library be totally collaborative, or should it lean more towards best practices recommended by a moderator?
  • How should Design Pattern libraries for Sakai, uPortal, Kuali or Moodle work with or be related to a Fluid Design Patterns library? To pattern libraries commonly used as reference (e.g. Yahoo!, Designing Interfaces, Van Welie)? To pattern libraries at our institutions?
  • Is it possible to or is there value for Fluid in tying individual interface design patterns to programming or architectural design patterns? Or combining libraries of these different types of patterns? (e.g. if all the libraries were in the same place, would programmers be more likely to consult UI patterns?)
  • What kind of outreach can we do to promote exploration and use of Design Patterns?

34. User Testing (1/2 Day)
As components like the Lightbox begin to mature, we need to ensure that our work is regularly tested for usability and accessibility by real users. Shaw-Han Liem will present his test plan for the Lightbox, and Mike Elledge and Daphne Ogle will present a proposal for long-term user testing strategies within Fluid.


  • Identify upcoming priorities for subsequent user testing within Fluid
    • Tools
    • Techniques

45. Review UX Deliverables and Create a UX Release Plan
The community needs a stated release deliverables for the Designer's Toolkit and other user experience activities. The group will review our stated project deliverables, prioritize them, and draft a UX release plan for review by the Fluid community at large.