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2. Content Management Research - 2 Hours (Daphne)

  • Discuss definition of content management - is there better terminology? (1 Hour)
  • Review and discuss draft research goals, plans, timeline (1 Hour)plan & scope
  • Does this make sense from the perspective all products (Sakai, uPortal, Moodle)?
  • Who can be involved?
  • How do we get a wide coverage of users -- regions, roles, etc.  (see presentation slide on users)
  • How do we get started?

3. Component Design Process - 2 Hours (Daphne)
As we look towards designing new Fluid UI components, we need to plan a basic process and set of criteria for designing them in a fully usable and accessible way. We'll review Daphne Ogle's proposal for this process, and then share our recommendations for how best to design Fluid components.