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This meeting is the last opportunity we'll likely have to all get together in a face-to-face setting for at least a year. As such, we want to make best use of our time by focussing on topics that will result in plans of action and delegation of tasks within the group. We're suggesting that all attendees bring with them a plan or proposal related to an area of personal expertise. This might just be a "straw man" draft, and will inevitably be a work in progress. Tell us about your ideas, and this will set the stage for focussed discussion, planning, and delegation.On the other hand, the

Social Opportunities

The expectation is that the summit will be, above all, informal and social. Expect plenty of opportunities for dinner, drinks, and fun.

The Small World Music festival is currently going on. Unfortunately I have prior plans for Sunday otherwise I'd be at the Amazones concert. I saw them last year in Ottawa and they put on an incredible show! Added

Close to U of T, you could visit the Royal Ontario Museum Added if you'd like. I haven't been there since the opening of the 'crystal' but I've heard it's quite nice. Added

You will find other things to do around the city here: Added Added Added

Planned Agenda

Please feel free to add your ideas and suggestions to the agenda.