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A summary of the user experience track of the Fall 2007 Fluid Summit in Toronto, September 23-28 2007.

UX Walkthroughs

Protocol, heuristics, process and reporting seem to be working.   We'll continue to reflect and iterate as we do the walkthroughs.


  • We'll continue working through the UX walkthroughs with an eye toward identifying pain points to focus component work on and delivering a "state of usability and accessibility" summary to the Sakai, uPortal and Moodle communities.
  • Synthesize all walkthrough results from individual evaluators for the summaries.  What should our timeline be for completing the walkthroughs?
  • Paul will drive definition of the form of the above mentioned summaries
  • Create summaries and share out with communities.

Pain point and Component ID and prioritization activity

Pain point synthesis and categorization identified several areas of focus.   Wiki pages for these areas can be found as child pages off the Identified Pain Points & Problem Spaces page.   Four areas were chosen to focus on and working groups formed around them:

There was also discussion around these areas in the larger group.  Initially we hoped to assign design and development effort to the areas also but we quickly realized we weren't there yet.