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This is a combination protocol for testing Sakai accessibility and, to a limited degree, functionality, using a PC (a . A parallel review for evaluating accessibility with a Mac can be found in the Mac Accessibility Protocol using the Firefox browser and the Firefox Accessibility Extension). In particular, this protocol will enable you to evaluate Fluid components and tools for: compliance with WCAG 2.0 Priority Two, accessibility-related functionality, and usability with the JAWS screen reader.

There are three steps:  |#Evaluate



This is to review accessibility using a PC. Nearly all persons with disabilities use the PC format with Internet Explorer because of widespread adoption of the MSAA protocol developed by Microsoft. If you want to review accessibility using a Macintosh, see this parallel protocol for macs, but note: JAWS and Window-Eyes are available only for the PC, so you will have to either use a plug-in for Firefox (Fangs) to simulate JAWS output or use a PC.


We can answer those questions by using listening to JAWS as we use the navigation methods frequently used by JAWS users:


Many issues requiring manual checks will have been addressed by Steps II 1 and III2.

  1. Load your first page (example: Copy the address, then save the page as a complete webpage into a file folder with a descriptive name (such as "Home Page").
  2. Open aChecker.
    • Click the "Browse" button for the Local File box at the top of the page. Choose your saved file. Press the "Check It" button.
    • Review results. Click "sort by accessibility guideline" if it is highlighted. Save as "Webpage, complete" with a descriptive title (such as "Report Summary - Home").
    • Click on each guideline listed and save the resulting page including the Guideline in the title (such as "1.1-Home.html"). At this point you may choose to review each issue and determine its status.
    • Write down the results.
    • Repeat for the pages you want to test.