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The LICENSE file in the Fluid Infusion Source Repository

The following text will should be stored in a LICENSE file at the top root of the trunk of the Fluid Infusion source code repository. Each source code file in the repository will also contain a shorter copyright notice and license text with a pointers into this LICENSE file. The copyright notice in a file may be different than the OCAD University copyright notice in this file, with the OCAD University copyright applying to the "collective work" and the embedded copyright notice applying the contents of the file itself.

Note that it is also possible to override this LICENSE file by including an alternate LICENSE file in a subdirectory. For example, this could be used for properly licensing a third party toolkit such as Dojo if it is included in the Fluid Infusion repository.

 ....... LICENSE text starts here ........

Excerpt Include
Fluid Infusion Licence TemplateFluid
Infusion Licence Template

....... LICENSE text ends here .......