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This is a manual review of the usability and accessibility of the page using the JAWS screen reader. Specific keystroke combinations using JAWS commands are shown in parentheses. There are five essential questions that we want to answer when reviewing a tool with JAWS:

  • Does the page provide the user with a clear understanding of its purpose?
  • Does the page enable the user to accomplish his/her objectives?
  • Can the user move logically and easily within the page?
  • Is the page fully functional?
  • Is content relevant, clear and concise?

We can answer those questions by using listening to JAWS as we use the navigation methods frequently used by JAWS users:

  1. Open JAWS
  2. Open your browser and type in the address you want to check
  3. Experience the page using JAWS:
    • Listen to page (ins + down arrow)
      • Is all the content read?
    • Listen to page title (insert + t)
      • Does it describe page content?
    • Tab through links and form inputs (tab)
      • Are they read in an order that makes sense?
    • Scan through headings (h)
      • Does the page have headings?
      • Are the heading levels read?
      • If the page does not have headings, scan through page paragraphs (p)
    • Review link phrases (insert + f7)
      • Do the individual phrases make sense?
    • Review headings (insert +f6)
      • Do the individual headings make sense?
      • Does the hierarchy of headings make sense?
  4. Review page functionality
    • Links
      • Does each link work? (enter)
      • Does each link phrase match the destination page title?
    • Forms
      • Are form labels announced with input boxes or operations? (enter)
      • Do the forms work? Can items be entered and the form be submitted?
    • Tables
      • Are table captions and/or summaries read?
      • Are column and row headings read when moving between column or row cells? (down or up arrows)
      • Are column and row headings read for the current cell? (alt + control + numeric keypad number 5)
  5. Quit JAWS