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Sarah would like to use some of the class material from a previous class she taught.  She had a Sakai site for that class too so would like to reuse some of the materials in the class site.  There are several assignments that she can reuse as-is and a couple that she wants to make minor tweaks to before using in the new class.  Many of the readings are the same.  She can even reuse the syllabus with some minor tweaks.  Perhaps she needs to browse the old site to see what else might be of use.

Sharing files with colleagues

Sarah would like to circulate a draft of a paper to a few trusted colleagues before submitting it for publication. She doesn't want to create an entire site for this limited purpose, she simply wants to surface it for a particular group of people to read temporarily, and get some comments that she can incorporate.

Display syllabus content in-line 

Sarah has already created her syllabus.  It's currently a pdf.  She would like the content of the pdf to be displayed on the page when students visit the Syllabus tool.

Providing feedback

Sarah has several graduate students working under her, is thesis advisor to another, and common interactions with all of them include reviewing proposals and drafts of their work, which are returned to them with either informal comments and suggestions or even formal approval. They aren't graded like homework and quizzes, but it's still valuable to have these copies and a history of these interactions.

Spin-off copies for others to edit

Sarah has a favorite assignment she delivers every semester, where she circulates a template of a sample case study and then asks students to devise their own in their groups, working from the sample.  She wants to keep her original file available and inviolate for future classes, but also wants the students to just be able to take their own copy of it and begin to edit it collaboratively within their groups.

Profile: promotion and tenure

Sarah needs to keep a close eye on her career progress toward promotion and tenure, and wants to keep track of her publications, conference presentations, course evaluations, and any other details that she knows the review committee will factor into account. She'd also like to have it arranged in a presentable form with a fixed URL that she could distribute.

Assessing Teamwork

Sarah has her class work on projects in teams, all working on the same document.  To gauge the contributions of team members, she wants to see the document edits made, and by who, each time a change is made to the file in Sakai.