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This testing grid is intended to act as a set of actions which are to be attempted in a number of different environments (read: hardware and software combinations) in order to ensure broad compatibility and continued functionality of the Storytelling Tool. If the tool changes such that the devices listed are no longer supported, new functionality is added, or the list in some other way no longer accurately reflects real-world usage of the Tool, please feel free to make contributions to the grid.

When a particular device is able to pass a sequence, the applicable cell in the grid is to be marked "Pass" and the background colour changed to green (Confluence offers some quick cell background choices in its editing tools). If the device does not pass a particular sequence, the cell is to be marked "Fail" and the background set to red. If the test is completed but has issues, the cell is to be marked "Issues" and the background set to yellow. Where the sequence is not applicable, e.g. on a desktop where camera capture isn't an option, the cell is to be marked "N/A" and the background set to blue. If a particular device or sequence has not been tested, simply leave it blank.

The devices and software versions listed are based on what is currently available for use by staff at the IDRC, and though it should not necessarily be seen as prescriptive, reasonable attempts should be made to access these when testing.

For a more condensed test suite for quicker releases, try the Storytelling Tool Minimal Testing Grid

Grid last updated:
 March 18, 2020