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Full notes: Meeting March 21, 2019

  • Needs
    • Interacting with state subsidy system is a challenge, since 70% of care is provided by state program and navigating that bureaucracy
    • Had focus groups, surveys to come up with 3 prong approach
      • Revolving payment pool that provides payments in advance so providers don't have to wait 6 weeks to get paid
      • Marketing platform that connects them to families that are eligible for subsidy
        • working with parent and advocate groups for that, to help with informing parents about eligibility for subsidy
      • Shared business admin tool that allows providers to stay on top of paperwork for interacting with this and other systems
    • Focus on payment pool for first offering
      • Working with steering committee of 7 providers to design exactly what that pool will look like

  • What we should focus on
    • Marketing platform and business admin tool will both be heavily tech based
      • need to be incredibly usable, mobile friendly - we have providers that don't use email or cell phones
    • Above all else, we need the systems to talk to each other to provide insights - who needs additional support? What are trends in the industry? What services should we be providing?
    • The state would also be most unlikely to provide marketing and business admin tools - which makes a case to think more about these tools
      • Business admin tool might be a licensing agreement
      • Marketing tool might be best
  • Tools already looking at
    • Kid Kare

      • Federal government - requires them to use this?

    • Pie for providers

      • Expense tracking, eligibility alerts

      • Reminders for providers to get their paperwork on time

      • Expanding more into licensing and quality tracking

      • Interested in working with us

    • Pro Care

      • Similar to Kid Kare

    • Another one we looked into - uses voice recognition

      • Rather than having to stop caring for kids to fill out form

      • One of our providers tried it but hated it

    • On the marketing side, the biggest competitor is

  • Next steps

    • find a time to identify a few other areas to ideate on - maybe governance, scheduling, other foundational pieces - Dave and Anne to discuss with the larger committee in the upcoming conference call
    • We can figure out together - how myna many participants, process, other themes we have been talking about


Full notes: Meeting March 28, 2019

  • Claudia to set up meeting to discuss needs and pain points with the coop members, and what tools they might want
  • Send our 3 question survey around - what are your needs what do you wish to have, and asking them to participate - send this to some people with a survey, others by discussing these things
  • Potentially interested in a booking system, where parents can book privately with the women who do childcare, with some extra skills like music or language - you'd pay more for that - platform to list these offerings

  • Next steps
    • For IDRC
      • Send ReThink a list of needs that have come up from other coops
      • Some survey questions - maybe just for the parents?

      • Then have another meeting to talk through that content

    • For ReThink

      • To ask around through discussion to collect needs

      • Try to find some dates to meet - we have a meeting in the next 3 weeks - it won’t be parents, but maybe we can ask them separately too

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