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Virtual marketing assistant (part of knowledge platform?): Tool that provides ideas for marketing/communicating with parents and then helps providers post to website, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all at once or at scheduled times. For example, through the tool, providers might get a suggestion to share a resource on what to do if a child is biting and then could easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. with one click.

From email sent to CoRise May 6, 2019:

A couple of these overlap with other partners’ needs - in particular the marketing website and also the virtual marketing assistant, which sounds to me like it could be part of a knowledge sharing tool (which in turn could be part of the learning commons).  We were also thinking that the idea for a hub or “dashboard” for all the tools could possibly be a first version of the labour platform, since we imagine the platform would provide a way to compile existing tools and find ways of integrating them. 

Our thinking is that it would probably make the most sense to prioritize co-design of the three tools I’ve mentioned above, since these seem to have the most in common with the needs of other partners that we’ve identified so far.  How does that sound to you?

Meeting notes

In attendance: Michelle, Dana, Cheryl, Anne. Shavon(?), Pam(?)